We offer a range of talks designed to suit your employees interests, health and wellbeing.

Bespoke talks can be created to suit your specific needs.

Courses are delivered over a 1 hour time slot to fit into with the lunch and learn model of delivery and can be in person or delivered online.

All sessions are designed to be interactive and incorporate an element of fun allowing for audience participation and questions.


Family Nutrition

Looking at all aspects of family nutrition including children and teens, tips for fussy eaters, meal planning and quick and easy recipe suggestions


Nutrition for Stress and Resilience

Advice and guidance to enable and empower your employees to manage stress and build resilience through optimum nutrition.


Nutrition for Immune Support

As we enter unprecedented times where looking after our own health has become paramount, this talk aims to give you useful and practical tips to build and support your immune health.


Nutrition to Support Mental Health

Mental Health is a paramount area where employers are providing support to their staff, this seminar covers how nutrition can support and promote good mental health and wellbeing


Eating Well When working from home

As our new normal features an element of working from home, this fun and interactive talk offers practical tips and guidance to eat well when working from home and how to avoid the mindless meander to the fridge! Covers snacking, how to structure your eating pattern, meal planning and quick and easy recipes.


Nutrition for Energy and Performance

An informative session on how nutrition can support and balance optimal energy throughout the day to enhance mental and physical performance.


Nutrition for Women

Covering all areas of women's health including fertility, menopause and other associated areas.


Everyday Nutrition for Health and Wellbeing

Learn the basics of optimum nutrition to support your health and wellbeing on a daily basis. Offering practical and simple tips and guidance as well as recipe suggestions.

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