How to Prepare lentils so they can be easily digested

For some people, consuming lentils can cause a lot of flatulence and bloating. Often, this isn’t because of the lentils but because of how they’ve been prepared. Lentils should be soaked overnight to make them easier to digest and less gas forming, particularly if they are dried. Lentils contain phytic acid, an anti nutrient which binds to minerals in the intestines and prevents us from absorbing them. Phytic acid also inhibits several digestive enzymes such as pepsin, amylase and trypsin which can result in digestive problems such as bloating. Phytic acid can also block zinc and iron absorption, which is essential for immune health.

Even tinned lentils which are supposedly ready to eat, should be rinsed thoroughly to remove the soapy bubbles you see, and even soaked for 30 minutes to an hour will break down the phytic acid.

If using dried lentils from a packet, soaking for as long as possible, even just half an hour, will really benefit our bodies and how we digest them.