Health Reset Packages

These introductory packages are suitable for anyone with digestive complaints or who are looking for support for conditions such as thyroid, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar management, skin complaints, pain support, looking for improved energy and focus, stress management, women's health or general education regarding food and nutrition.

The support included within this introductory packages are tailored to suit your individual goals and needs.

4 Week Starter Package

Starter package including an initial and follow up consultation 4-6 weeks apart.

8 Week Maintenance Package

Maintenance package offering 1 initial and 2 follow up consultations over a 6-8 week period.

12 Week Reset Package

Supportive package offering 3 in depth consultations as well as fortnightly coaching calls to keep you on track, all over a 12 week period.

Other Services

Other services and packages available to buy as a standalone service or in addition to one of the main packages. When purchased in conjunction with a package, there is a 10% discount available off the add on product price.