My Recipe Philosophy

Being passionate about health and nutrition can lead me to over complicate certain recipes and try to make them a bit more ‘cheffy’ than they perhaps need to be. It occurred to me, in clinic over the weekend, that often we all just need a bit of inspiration to get us out of a cooking rut; we’ve all been there cooking the same recipes day in and day out and we really just want some simple alternatives. Now I am a fan of batch cooking so I really do recommend this for busy people. I also really support and advocate the use of set days for set meals I.E. Monday- spag bol, Tuesday- sweet jacket potatoes with a variety of toppings, Wednesday- slow cooker stew etc; this allows a bit of creativity and variation but does help prevent that daily dilemma of what to cook. It is important to note here that variety is so important to optimum nutrition for when we consume a variety of different foods, we can access the variety of nutrients that nature has provided to maintain our health and wellbeing. 

With this in mind, I’ll be increasing my online recipe portfolio with the healthy classics I cook every day in the hope these help you to continue to eat well with a little bit of extra variety.