How to keep Healthy when travelling abroad

With the summer holiday season approaching, my thoughts always turn to keeping healthy abroad. I am no stranger to a ‘traveller’s tummy’ and over the years have developed strategies and tips to keep bugs at bay which I’m sharing with you so you can avoid any upset.

1. Take a probiotic before and during your trip. This helps to keep the ‘good bacteria’ in your gut dominant and strong so they can fend off any ‘bad bacteria’ you may encounter which could result in an upset stomach. My favourites are Optibac extra strength before holiday and Optibac for travelling abroad to take during the holiday.

2. Take your own food. I always carry a stash of food so I know I have healthy options. My go tos are: Biona breads as well as Pura Vida dehydrated broccoli breads; Be Mindfuel chia puddings; sandwich bags full of nuts and seeds and Naked bars.

3. Baby food. Yes you read that correctly, puréed apple from Ella’s Kitchen in their little pouches are perfect for an upset stomach or a backed up system. Puréed apple has pectin which has modulating effects to help bind up diarrhoea or soften constipation to keep the whole system moving as it should.

4. Avoid salads and tap water. Its jut not worth the risk, stick to cooked vegetables and bottled water.

5. Eat like the locals. Sometimes I look around and think where has this steak on the menu come from? I’m on an island, haven’t seen any cows. It feels safer and more natural to opt for what is more obviously available to your location, i.e. On an island? Order the fish.


Travel healthy,

Clear Nutrition