Count Colours, not Calories

I get asked a lot about calories and whilst it shouldn’t, it always surprises me a bit. One of the most important things I’ve learnt about how to restore and maintain health is that eating a variety of fresh, healthy, colourful wholefoods is much more beneficial than counting calories.

Not all calories are created equal. 80 calories from a biscuit is not the same as 80 calories from a courgette. The biscuit plays havoc with our blood sugar management and contributes to fat around our middles whereas the courgette offers us a whole variety of vitamins, minerals, water and is much healthier for us than a biscuit. Now i’m not saying you should never eat a biscuit or that courgette is an adequate alternative for a biscuit! Life is there to be lived and enjoyed and it’s all about balance, but the important thing to remember is to count colours not calories and focus on eating the rainbow.

Here’s a brief guide on how to get more colour into your diet:

Apples– Instead of a green apple a day, alternate with other varieties such as deeper red apples or pink ladies. Certain antioxidants which can protect against neurological conditions are found specifically in red apples.

Purple plums– Bursting with antioxidant properties called anthocyanins are found in richer quantities in purple plums than the Victoria variety or green gages.

Orange cantaloupe melon– The most nutrient dense melon, a great source of vitamin C and a tasty alternative to honeydew melon.

Purple sprouting broccoli– Contains more antioxidants than green varieties and is just as widely available.

Red Cabbage– Contains up to 8x more vitamin C than other varieties.

Yellow Courgettes– Delicious but not as easy to find, if you can, these are much higher in a type of antioxidant called carotenes than green courgettes.

Golden beetroot– Specifically contains immune boosting properties whereas the red variety are great for liver health.

Sweet orange potatoes– As a healthier alternative to white potatoes, very popular in all supermarkets and their high levels of potassium can help protect against the effects of stress.

All Green vegetables- are rich sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and should be consumed daily.