Banish the Bloat Summer Smoothie

This smoothie is full of potassium which is great for reducing water retention by re-balancing the fluids in your body. So refreshing and perfect for a summer snack or add some protein powder to make it a filling and balanced breakfast.

Mixed Berry Smoothie

Refreshing mixed berry smoothie, perfect for breakfast, a snack or a post gym refresh.

Apple Pudding smoothie

The combination of the spice and apple makes a lovely warming apple pudding breakfast smoothie, perfect for this time of year!

Fruity Green Smoothie

Delicious green smoothie combining fruit and vegetables for a nourishing and refreshing drink.

Breakfast Protein Smoothie

Most of my smoothie recipes have adequate protein which makes them great for a post exercise muscle repair and build however I love this recipe for breakfast as it just tastes like a banana chocolate milkshake!

FODMAP friendly smoothie

FODMAPs are a group of foods meaning Fermentable Oli Di Mono Saccharides And Polyols which can be responsible for exacerbating IBS symptoms. See my blog post for more details but this smoothie recipe is compatible with a low FODMAP diet and still delicious! It’s enough for 2 portions so either share or divide into 2 portions to have over the morning.