Cauliflower Pizza Crust

As bizarre as a cauliflower pizza crust sounds, it really works and is a nice way to include an extra vegetable into your diets. I adapted this recipe from BBC Goodfood so have a play around with the herbs and seasonings to suit your preferences.

Vegetable Frittata

Eggs are a really good base for all meals as they are full of protein and you can add most things to them. For this recipe, I’m just using whatever vegetables are left in the fridge and 2 eggs per person. Frittatas, for me, are better than omelettes as you can leave them to cook in the oven and they really rise making them a filling meal.

Spring Stew

This is a lovely stew with light spring flavours but still a wholesome meal for this time of year. The lentils are a fantastic source of plant based protein and fibre which are so important for optimal health. Ensure to rinse the lentils before adding to the pan or, if possible, allow to soak for half an hour as this helps make them easier to digest.

Healthy Lentil Tray bake

This is a quick and easy meal as you literally put everything in a dish and leave it to cook so you can get on with other things. Can be served with crusty bread, topped with crumbled feta or even have chicken or fish added if you prefer. Lentils are a really good healthy base full of fibre, naturally filling on their own, or delicious combined with other foods. Be sure to give the beans and lentils a really good rinse to make them easy to digest.

Zaatar Meatballs

These are so simple and quick to whip up and served with a tomato sauce or my lemon tahini dressing are delicious. Try and use organic or grass fed meat where possible as these are higher in the beneficial omega 3 essential fats. Non grass fed is higher in omega 6 essential fatty acids which are already abundant in traditional ‘Western’ diets and of which too much can be detrimental in achieving optimum health.

Chorizo and Butterbean Stew

This is one of those recipes which came about after a bit of fridge foraging and cupboard raiding. I always ensure we have an adequate stock of tinned beans, lentils, legumes and tomatoes so i know I can always put a meal together. This meal is plant-based with some ‘condi-meat’. Chorizo is delicious, but a processed meat, so I don’t advocate regular consumption but think of like a condiment in this recipe, it adds such a depth of flavour to the stew.

Sweet Potato Rosti

I love these sweet potato rostis for breakfast but they are so versatile they could be a dinner, a side dish, a snack…

I adapted the recipe from Dale Pinnock’s ‘The Power of Three’ recipe book, I always recommend his books in clinics as his recipes are simple, easy, healthy and don’t require any unusual ingredients you can’t get from a regular supermarket.

I used chia in place of egg and also added zaatar for some extra flavour. You can try a variety of different flavours though, any herbs or spices of your choice.

Super Salad Recipe

This salad is delicious but really beneficial for supporting our bodies natural detoxification pathways, crucial for this time of year especially following the festive indulgences!

Brown Rice Pasta with Avocado and Tahini Sauce

Tahini is another one of those ingredients that I always keep in the cupboard. It’s really versatile and is delicious in this sauce. This is really quick and easy to prepare and is super filling and nutritious thanks to the good fats from the avocado and tahini. I served mine with carrots and leeks as i think the sweetness from these veggies lends well to the tahini but really I think any veggies will do. This serves 2 so just upscale the ingredients depending on how many you’re cooking for.