Vegetable Frittata

Eggs are a really good base for all meals as they are full of protein and you can add most things to them. For this recipe, I’m just using whatever vegetables are left in the fridge and 2 eggs per person. Frittatas, for me, are better than omelettes as you can leave them to cook in the oven and they really rise making them a filling meal.

Mango Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are a really great breakfast option as they are full of good fats and protein. This breakfast is really quick and easy to make the night before. Chia puddings lend themselves well to any flavourings you like so have a play around with mixed spices, cinnamon, ginger as well as fruit and berry versions. You can use any milk, yoghurt or dairy free alternative to soak the chia seeds in but I find soaking them in a blitzed mango is just delicious and makes it really creamy.

Banish the Bloat Summer Smoothie

This smoothie is full of potassium which is great for reducing water retention by re-balancing the fluids in your body. So refreshing and perfect for a summer snack or add some protein powder to make it a filling and balanced breakfast.

Simple Buckwheat Pancakes

Simple Buckwheat pancakes, batch cook and freeze ready for when you need something quick for breakfast. Delicious topped with berries, yoghurt and cinnamon!

Chickpea (gram) Flour Frittata

I like this recipe as a vegan alternative for frittatas and omelettes. I have it for breakfast or as a snack but it could be had as a main meal with the addition of some extra sides.
Chickpea flour is becoming more popular as it is a good source of protein and fibre, gluten free and an excellent vegan alternative for egg based dishes.

Veggies are a lovely addition to this recipe, I find sweeter veg works best so peppers, spring onions, beetroot, carrot are all lovely, but experiment with flavours you like, just remember to eat the rainbow by using a multitude of coloured vegetables!

Sweet Potato Rosti

I love these sweet potato rostis for breakfast but they are so versatile they could be a dinner, a side dish, a snack…

I adapted the recipe from Dale Pinnock’s ‘The Power of Three’ recipe book, I always recommend his books in clinics as his recipes are simple, easy, healthy and don’t require any unusual ingredients you can’t get from a regular supermarket.

I used chia in place of egg and also added zaatar for some extra flavour. You can try a variety of different flavours though, any herbs or spices of your choice.

Apple Pudding smoothie

The combination of the spice and apple makes a lovely warming apple pudding breakfast smoothie, perfect for this time of year!

Breakfast Protein Smoothie

Most of my smoothie recipes have adequate protein which makes them great for a post exercise muscle repair and build however I love this recipe for breakfast as it just tastes like a banana chocolate milkshake!

FODMAP friendly smoothie

FODMAPs are a group of foods meaning Fermentable Oli Di Mono Saccharides And Polyols which can be responsible for exacerbating IBS symptoms. See my blog post for more details but this smoothie recipe is compatible with a low FODMAP diet and still delicious! It’s enough for 2 portions so either share or divide into 2 portions to have over the morning.


adapted from

I use quinoa flakes in this recipe but you can use oats. I only choose quinoa because I’m intolerant to oats although oats are a lot cheaper and super nutritious. Quinoa flakes can be expensive so best to buy in bulk from places like amazon or

I use raw sprouted buckwheat groats from Planet Organic as they’re easier to digest but regular groats are fine too. For the nuts and seeds, I like almonds, pecans, pumpkin and chia seeds but any selection would work, whatever your taste.