Need help with healthy eating?

Introducing The Busy Person’s Guide To Living Well


I always tell my clients that eating well doesn’t have to involve expensive/exotic ingredients and spending hours in the kitchen fussing over tricky recipes or following strict or complicated diet plans. 

Who has time for all that?

As a qualified and registered nutritional therapist with hundreds of hours of clinical practice experience and a background in the City, I also totally understand that life very often gets in the way of best of intentions.

Anyone who has ever attended one of my consultations can tell you that my approach is down to earth, straightforward and simple.

I’m all about helping my clients to enjoy everyday foods, but in the right balance.

Which is why I have launched the Busy Person’s Guide To Living Well – an easy-to-access downloadable wellness bible for those wanting to get to grips with good nutrition in the easiest ways possible: ridiculously simple ideas, quick fixes and all using foods that you’ve probably already got in your cupboards.

The Busy Person’s Guide To Living Well aims to simplify healthy living, debunk myths and offer the latest healthy eating advice with easy recipes and a handy meal planner… making it quicker and simpler for you and your family to stay well.

What is the Busy Person’s Guide To Living Well?

This online guide is available as an easily downloadable PDF, packed with nutrition advice, food insights and health tips.

The guide includes everything you need for 7 days of healthy eating:

  • Latest nutrition advice (presented in a really easy to understand format)
  • Wellbeing tips to improve your overall health (including stress management, sleep & mindful eating)
  • Shopping list of key ingredients and store cupboard must-haves (all the thinking and planning done for you)
  • Handy weekly meal planner (easy to print out and use this method over and over again)
  • Expert advice on how to look and feel better

In addition to the Downloadable PDF - you'll receive a wealth of bonus information in your inbox over the next couple of weeks (don't worry these are not every day and in a simple easy to digest format)

These bonuses include:

  • Digestion and bowel movement guide and why we need to slow down including a handout on top tips for supporting digestion in a busy lifestyle
  • Mindful eating
  • Stress management and sleep
  • Quick simple recipes in addition to what's included on the meal plan
  • Meal planning tool
  • Basic myth busting info about protein fats and carbs
  • Amy's top 5 ingredients for eating on the go
  • Store cupboard essentials and kitchen guide so you can always make a meal out of seemingly nothing.

And that’s the beauty of this handy guide: it’s been created with you and your busy life in mind.

The Busy Person’s Guide To Living Well costs just £19.99 and is packed with easy-to-understand advice aimed at helping you to make simple achievable, but effective, lifestyle and dietary changes.