With the New Year looming and my business still in its early stages, I wanted to take some time to describe the approach I take which influences how I run my business and how I advise my clients, a kind of mission statement.

I want to enable you to take control of your health by providing you with simple, realistic and easy to implement bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plans.

I believe by basing your bespoke advice on science whilst considering your individual lifestyles, goals and needs is far more powerful to life long health and wellness than any faddy diet trends.

And so, I’ve condensed my founding principles down to just 7 (!) – I really hope this is something that resonates with you, my readers, followers and clients,

Principle Number 1: I’m not here to sell you my lifestyle, only to help you improve yours. I rarely post anything other than food on my social media because I only want to share tips and ideas on how you can make simple and easy changes to improve your nutrition and your sense of wellbeing.

Principle Number 2: You are you because of you. Working with me is an inclusive process, I can only guide you, it’s up to you implement my advice.

Principle Number 3: I will always encourage you to count colours over calories.

Principle Number 4: I will only advise you to remove certain food groups if I have scientific supportive evidence which suggest such foods are detrimental to your health, not just because they are (currently) trendy to remove.

Principle Number 5: Detoxing: When necessary, I will support your body’s natural detoxing functions without supporting fad detox trends. Your body knows what it is doing, it just needs a little support at times.

Principle Number 6: I believe the key to living well in good health encompasses more than just looking at your food and hitting the gym. I will support you to address all areas of your life which includes, mindfulness, lifestyle, supplements (when appropriate) movement (genuine movement throughout your day not just a gym session) and positive nutrition. You’ve heard the phrase ‘you can’t out run a bad diet’ well you can’t out eat or out run long periods of inactivity either and I will work with you to address these fundamental areas of health.

Principle Number 7: I will never share details of your case which enables you to be identified. Every case is unique and every client receives a unique, personalised plan specifically designed for their goals and needs.